Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Careful what you ask for…

Open mouth, switch feet, get snow shovel, plow, snow blow, rinse and repeat… I kinda asked for more snow a few weeks ago and my wish was granted in spades. We managed to garner up to 70 inches in the hilltowns right down the road. I’m talking less than a couple of miles away from where we got 26'’. I’d show you pictures but I was too busy digging the tonnage out. Berne, Knox, Voorheesville and Westerlo had major problems with barn and other roofs caving in. Fortunately there were no human fatalities but there were some dairy animals lost when a barn succumbed to the heft of wet snow. That’s upstate NY, our seasons are snow flies and black flies; winter and construction; Christmas and the 4th of July.

Now talk about quick changes; Sunday night we threw a birthday party for our 16 year old. It was a good time and T made out like a bandit thanks to very generous kin. After the party we were walking folks out and commenting on how nice it still was outside. After a really nice 50+ degree day  the porch light was on and there were gypsy moths flying around and @#$%@#$%$ mosquitoes were out!!! The stream across the street in the woods was moving pretty good and the peepers were starting to sing!

This is all saying to me that spring is about to hit us right between the eyes and I just checked the next few days’ weather and it’s calling for spring rain.

Get the trout rods out and prepare to pick some nite crawlers for opening day…Trust me when I say that foolish woodchuck doesn’t know how to forecast weather anyway.


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