Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter’s Still On…Snow Please..

I sure hope it snows a little bit more, oh maybe a couple of 2 footer storms. The great Northeast hasn’t gotten that much snow this year and we upstaters have to keep our snow stats up. The upside is that the cold has pretty much frozen any exposed body of water. Even the Canadians had to truck snow in for the Olympics. We Upstaters still have a lot going on and here are some ideas for the last of the cold months.

If you like the frozen sports the fisherman and the winter carnivals have actually had some decent ice this year. Check out the Lake George Winterfest and Winter Carnival for February, there’s a lot going on. If you’re coming from the southern tier or downstate check out the Upstate NY Roads website for another way to get there.

I just got back from Rochester and I was reminded what a bunch of nice wineries they have up there. A friend of mine who runs his own little home vineyard gave me a strawberry wine to try when I got home. I know, you were thinking as I was this would be a bit too sweet. Boy was I surprised when I uncorked it. I poured some for my wife and older sons and really sandbagged them. There was the right amount of strawberry bouquet and the taste was  delicious, a slight bit dry and it finished beautifully. Jason, everyone called it a Home run!!! Jason says he’s got some lilac, doughnut peach and potato wine almost ready to bottle. Wine run to Rochester!

Kids are off this week and we’re going to find something to do outdoors.


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