Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ellicottville, NY - Nice place to visit for sure

Took a 340 mile ride to do some law enforcement training out in Cattaraugus county which is just north of Salamanca on 86/17 in western NY.  We stayed in Ellicottville  at the Wingate Hotel and worked in Little Valley.
It was an amazing quiet 4 days and was a welcome slow down over the Capital district traffic mayhem and bustle. More than enough to do with all the shops and boating to zip lining at the nearby ski resorts sporting summer activities.
If you like small towns, nice people and good food get in the car and get moving. This weekend July 29 and 30 is the Jazz and Blues Fest. Catch some music and then head over to the Gin Mill on Washington Street for some awesome bar food and suds.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today's Police Officer

NYPD Police Officer Miosotis Familia was shot in the back of the head while sitting in a police car. She spent 12 years on the force doing what she loved best while raising 3 children. She was shot for being a cop. 67 law enforcement officers have been killed so far this year. 50,000 more will be assaulted this year. From California to New York over 200,000 men and women wear a shield and the prerequisites to do this have changed immensely.

What is required in most states to become a cop:
  • A desire to want to help your community. 
  • NO  criminal history and good driving record.
  • A high school diploma and a college degree.
  • Pass a civil service exam ( and score high enough to be reachable).
  • Pass the physical agility test.
  • Pass the medical physical and drug test.
  • Take an oath of office.
  • 6-8 months of basic police training.
  • 1 year of probation and mentoring.
  • Wear a camera that only proves you were telling the truth.
The problems:
  • There are some bad apples in every profession and are dealt within policy and law.
  • Once cleared by internal affairs no one should indicted and tried to appease the "morally outraged".
  • People should know the facts before trial by social networking.
  • Criminals looking to assault a cop because the "urban" culture embraces violence.
  • Community activists without a clue. Also known as "politicians".
  • Hate groups (and they know who they are) which includes some high-profile "religious" leaders.
  • Politicians with no understanding of what it takes to be torn from two sides after you defend your life or another's. They can't hold a real job and there should be the conversation about 2 term limits.
  • Judicial activists that don't think that the crime the defendant committed was all that bad and lets the felon out on their own reconnaissance for the third time only to have that felon kill someone's child.
  • Sanctuary cities. Immigration Laws are just that, laws. Civil leaders, elected or appointed that don't comply should be federally prosecuted for violating those laws.
  • Stop blaming guns. Laws like the "Safe Act" only create criminals out of law-abiding citizens. Criminals don't care how many bullets they have in the magazine.
  • News media,,,no strike that, "entertainment industry media". There are few real reporters anymore. The current model is to beat a subject to death even when everyone knows it's BS and make yourself the news.
How do we fix this?
  • Protests are fine if done civilly. Do not allow riots. If someone is burning a building or breaking windows in the interest of "social outrage", lock them up immediately. 
  • Incarcerate those who instigate violence and don't preach to me about 1st amendment rights; you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater. 
  • The media must STOP giving a podium to criminals, hate groups and morons.
I did this job for over 20 years, survived and retired. I have been training LEOs for the last 17 years and the job isn't getting any easier or less technical. Unless you've been a cop you don't really understand what it takes to be one. It is a huge sacrifice and burden for your family and friends. You find yourself becoming very conservative-minded because you seen what "liberal" policies have done. You finally understand that the biggest racist is the one yelling "racist" because it's not the color of your skin or their's. It's your uniform they hate.
God bless all law enforcement and their friends and families,

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Somebody from the Left News needs to take a breath.....

Slow down, count to ten, get the paper bag and breath easy into it....Get a grip already, President Trump is going to be around for 8 years, so sit back and let your blood pressure down.. Seriously...
Wow, the Left news is in an all-time mega-frenzy against President Donald Trump and I'm loving it.
He doesn't care what they think and that bothers them, I mean they are the smartest people on the planet, just ask them..,, It's all about Russia but nobody questioned all the Russian contact the Clinton's and their foundation had in the last 4 years.
President Trump in the famous words of John Wayne to Barbara Walters "Don't let the bastards get you down."
Keep up the good work we elected you to do.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

My New Favorite Song!!!!

Home Run!!! Go Here:

This is the funniest parody I've seen in ages. Two Country Artists/Comedians wrote new lyrics to Garth's "Friends in Low Places" and I don't think Garth minds too much... I've added the words for posterity....9-)

Blame it all on our roots we never wore boots
and never once played in the street
We feel very bitter
get our news off of Twitter
And we just can’t handle defeat
You saw the surprise and the fear in our eyes
When Donald became president
Screamed this can’t be true
Americas through
And to the safe spaces we went
I’ve got friends in Safe Spaces
And If you don’t go with us
Then you must be racist
That is our catch phrase
Where is my latte
Come on in and let’s get cozy
Showing off participation trophies
Watching CNN
In Safe Spaces
Well we all get along
And sing happy songs
And watch movies by Michael Moore
We hate the alt right
We’ve got puppies on site
And we lay around on the floor
Oh there’s coloring books
And sad long faced looks
And tears just explode from our face
But give us an hour we’re delicate flowers
We just need an embrace…..
Oh I’ve got friends in Safe Spaces
If you don’t go with us
Then you must be racist
That is our catch phrase
Where is my latte
Come on in and let’s get cozy
Showing off participation trophies
Watching CNN
In Safe Spaces