Friday, March 31, 2023

Lasagna Night!

 The better half and I like to have a monthly Friday night pizza, lasagna or other type of get together with the family that's available. Last night Netty went all gangster master chef and whipped up the filling for a 12 lb. monster of pasta. It was a ball to make a mess of the kitchen after dinner and smell the amazing aroma filling the house

The kids are coming over after 4 and the cats are going into hiding from the grandkids. Friday night or for that matter, anytime you can get the crew together cements the importance of family. All too often we see our family tree at wakes and funerals. The downfall of society is when that cement crumbles and we just settle for our own little space. Give your brothers, sisters and cousins a call. Have a pizza night and thrown some vino in there.....TK

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

How to have a Happy and sane Thanksgiving

 Tomorrow is a day to give thanks and to share with friends and family. It would be nice and it is rare that family and friends are one in the same. Just to keep the peace for the day I've got some top ten suggestions of things that probably shouldn't be brought to bear (pun intended)or attempted....

10. Politics-NOOOOOOO...You might as well pull the pin on a grenade.....

9. Peoples appearance to include: clothing, hair (cut or color), piercings, tattoos.

8. Discussing genders, pronouns or woke bullshit...

7. Don't make fun of vegetarians. Remember they are a disadvantaged group.

6. No stupid Tik Toc attempts at Thanksgiving pranks

5. Do not attempt to assist in the kitchen unless it is your kitchen. The turkey won't be the only thing getting carved.

4. Whether or not the turkey was "organic" or "free range".

3. Have all phones checked at the door, like in the old west when you had to check your gun. This way there will be no photo evidence of gluttony, intoxication or explaining to your friends how that picture ended up on Facebook.

2. Don't count the buns or assign a limit on them, Good lord it's thanksgiving.

1. Never ever dis the gravy or taters and lord help us, complain because you don't like the kind of stuffing I made. It is the best, I say so, and I'm the one packing heat.

Have a wonderful, healthy, sane and stress free thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Success!! Trout dinner on the first day!!


I forgot to do an update on my April 1st trout hunt. Went to my favorite stream and found no one else anywhere near the place. Years past there was always other fishermen around. Seems like people just don't hunt and fish like they used to anymore. Kinda sad, there is so much beauty out on the stream. Kingfishers, Eagles, various ducks and other birds, a beaver and I even found some trout!!!

 Caught an 18" brown first. Then I hooked it's twin and lost it at the bank, no big deal as I usually put that size right back to fight another day. I caught a 16" and then the 14" fish below that I kept because he was gut hooked and bleeding. Awesome dinner that night.


Funny how when you're fishing and enjoying nature that politics, peeves and annoyances just fade to dark....


Saturday, March 26, 2022


 It's just about 6 days until the opening of trout season. If you're fishing in New York you'll find some new regulations. Looks like the streams are not too high but it will be a bit nippy out there. Wouldn't be the first time I had ice build up in the rod guides. Below is an East Branch Delaware creek Brown Trout. I caught him years ago and he is my personal best Brownie ever. The creel is an antique I got back in the '70s and finally the plastic buckle holding the shoulder strap broke. I called L.L. Bean to see if I could get another buckle and sent them a picture of the creel. The young lady who was on the phone with me saw the pic and said the creel was older than her...Geeezzz thanks... I finally got the hardware online but Bean sent me a brand new creel and I didn't expect that...Really great of them.

Hey, get your line tight!