Saturday, December 1, 2018

OK...Dems got the house..We kept the senate...Plan succeeded...
Watch the circus for the next two years... Dems signing their own resignations..

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Election Day Predictions....

You heard it here first.

Democrats lose bid for house.... Nancy take a walk....

Republicans retain house and gains Senate seats....

My last prediction had President Trump winning the election....Takers?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

OK...take a breath... All you Hillarites, step back and take a whiff of the smelling salts. She lost.
Next....all of you on the left that are moving further to the west take another breath, that stench you smell is the rotting corpse of your party due to the immature, knee-jerk, I learned this in college and they told me I was a rock star, bullshit. Nobody deserves to be a citizen here just because mom and dad did an illegal end-around the goal line and you dropped here. We have rules and if you don't follow don't play. End of story.
Next, all of you on the far left where even Bernie Sanders can't fathom you, move to Canada. They are really into the Cannibus thing and you can smoke yourself into daydreams of Hillary as POTUS and into rehab.
Last, those of us that hunt, fish and love our outdoors would kindly thank you for your efforts to stop whackos from shooting up schools and communities. We would also like to explain to you that the majority of us are normal, sane people that want the best for our communities and children and will carry firearms to secure that right. Stop freeing the nutbags, stop prosecuting the innocent second amendment carriers and go after the nuts that we already have laws against. SMELL THE ROSES YOU Please?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ellicottville, NY - Nice place to visit for sure

Took a 340 mile ride to do some law enforcement training out in Cattaraugus county which is just north of Salamanca on 86/17 in western NY.  We stayed in Ellicottville  at the Wingate Hotel and worked in Little Valley.
It was an amazing quiet 4 days and was a welcome slow down over the Capital district traffic mayhem and bustle. More than enough to do with all the shops and boating to zip lining at the nearby ski resorts sporting summer activities.
If you like small towns, nice people and good food get in the car and get moving. This weekend July 29 and 30 is the Jazz and Blues Fest. Catch some music and then head over to the Gin Mill on Washington Street for some awesome bar food and suds.