Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Success!! Trout dinner on the first day!!


I forgot to do an update on my April 1st trout hunt. Went to my favorite stream and found no one else anywhere near the place. Years past there was always other fishermen around. Seems like people just don't hunt and fish like they used to anymore. Kinda sad, there is so much beauty out on the stream. Kingfishers, Eagles, various ducks and other birds, a beaver and I even found some trout!!!

 Caught an 18" brown first. Then I hooked it's twin and lost it at the bank, no big deal as I usually put that size right back to fight another day. I caught a 16" and then the 14" fish below that I kept because he was gut hooked and bleeding. Awesome dinner that night.


Funny how when you're fishing and enjoying nature that politics, peeves and annoyances just fade to dark....


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