Friday, March 31, 2023

Lasagna Night!

 The better half and I like to have a monthly Friday night pizza, lasagna or other type of get together with the family that's available. Last night Netty went all gangster master chef and whipped up the filling for a 12 lb. monster of pasta. It was a ball to make a mess of the kitchen after dinner and smell the amazing aroma filling the house

The kids are coming over after 4 and the cats are going into hiding from the grandkids. Friday night or for that matter, anytime you can get the crew together cements the importance of family. All too often we see our family tree at wakes and funerals. The downfall of society is when that cement crumbles and we just settle for our own little space. Give your brothers, sisters and cousins a call. Have a pizza night and thrown some vino in there.....TK

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