Sunday, August 2, 2020

Common Sense isn't dead...

I love this.... is a website that helps the "unwoke" post and find jobs. Unwoke employees won't try and hijack your company with social justice warrior BS. They just want to work, get paid, work their way up the ladder and go home each day to their simple happy little lives. 

Red Bull just fired a load of top brass for trying to link up with BLM and hijack the compamy. Bravo Red Bull!!!

I know I'll never buy another pair of Nike's in my life, watch another basketball, baseball or football game or watch MSNBC or CNN.. They have been hijacked by the "woke" and their stats bear this out. BTW the Biden tour will end badly because they've hitched their party onto this out-of-control wagon going straight to hell. Joe and Kamala are the sacrificial lambs because the Dem's know they can't beat our President Trump.

OK, back to my point.... will not post race, religion, sex or what your SJW cause is. Clients are looking for work or posting jobs for people that just want to work. This isn't for the SJW morons and they hate it.
Let's take a moment and place the SJW clan in perspective.
Usually a younger left-wing, liberal living in Mom and Dad's basement, odd-colored hair, pierced to the max whose usual vocal utterings sound like the screeching of a harpy. They wasted their time and Mom and Dad's money on a degree in Lesbian Interpretive Dance, The Breeding Habits of the Naked Mole Rat or Democrat Socialism taught by SJWs at a questionable college suggested by a "woke" high school counselor. Because their degree is not going to make them money they have become addicted to the "woke" cancel culture and their Tic-Tok, Instagram and smart phones. They have been fired for bringing their views to work and bashing people over the head with their "wokeness". They think antifa and the blm movement are real. They think that they can shout people down, troll them online into killing themselves and getting them fired. Not if you realize what they really are. Sad, pitiful excuses for primates. is the adults in the room standing up and putting a boot in the ass of the "woke" set. Common sense is not dead. It just sat back and watched the show until it got ridiculous.

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