Saturday, June 20, 2020

That amazing Covid virus, Cuomo incompetence and really stupid stunts by the Dems and the left

We were told to hide inside for 3 months because the Covid virus gonna get us all and if you didn't do it you were subject to arrest and all sorts of other punishment and bullcrap.  Flatten the curve, if you were exposed you were quarantined.  113 days of Mussolini Cuomo preaching to us about the sky falling and how everyone must do social distancing and wear masks. 180 degree from the beginning of March when Cuomo and DeBlasio told us to go out and party the virus won't get you....5000 elderly killed by the virus that Cuomo caused by sending them back to homes that weren't prepared to handle Covid. Then he blames President Trump because he was following CDC guidelines. Wrong again! Cuomo was called out and fact checked and he screwed up. If President Trump had done that they'd be stringing a rope up.

Then the levels of reopening from Cuomo were so contradictory it was mind-boggling...Level 1 ok for you, not for me. Level 2 ok for me but not for you. Cuomo ranting over people saying screw it and going to bars in NYC and hanging out. Don't make me stop the car and shut the state down again!!!!Shutting down an economy and country didn't work....

Protesters Won't catch Covid but Trump rally attendees will die!!!

Then lets throw it all out and have RIOTS. Protesters were absolved from social distancing and masks and it was ok to fill the streets arm in arm. Now that our President wants to have rallies again, the Covid virus will get everyone that goes!! Isn't that amazing that protesters and rioters were immune but Trump supporters are doomed?
Please note that I do believe the protests were fine and with good reason. Riots are NOT FINE, anarchy must be met with force and the rule of law.

Police Officers Matter!

Remember this; these calls demonizing and defunding of police are going to backfire..Cops are retiring and leaving in record numbers. Your calls for service in some parts of the country are going to be answered by social workers. That won't last me..
.Killing and assaulting innocent police officers is unconscionable. The bad apple in Minnesota is getting charged and he should be. The officers in Atlanta were served up as a political stunt and they will be found not guilty.

This fall I hope all of you that are left in NY City remember what incompetence your leaders have shown. That is if anyone is left in NYC...Seems everyone is heading to safer ground...Can't blame them..

On a really nicer note.....

Halt and be recognized!!!!

Say hello to my new front door greeter! Got him from The Bear Den on 2493 Highway Rte 20 in Carlisle, NY. Awesome craftsmanship and really nice folks. Very fair pricing and they have some other amazing pieces for sale. Wall art, carvings, they even do commissions.


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