Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall Bucketlist

Halloween is over and now the slide into Thanksgiving and the headlong rush into the Christmas melee.... Time to sit down and put together what I call my "Fall Bucketlist". It's all about what I need to do before snow falls and the first of the year.

                      Fall Bucketlist
  1. Leaves....mulch, pick up with bagger, empty, repeat...a lot.
  2. Put the boat away winterized.
  3. Fill freezer with venison.
  4. Get turkeys for T-Day
  5. On a nice warm day after Thanksgiving get the Christmas lights up
  6. More Leaves...
  7. See who I'm not sending Christmas cards to this year...
  8. Visit and get my shopping done.
  9. Fill the wine rack with moonshine.
  10. Avoid malls at all costs.
  11. Wish that I got more fishing in..
  12. Look into new state to live in....Getting ridiculous in NY now days.
  13. Ignore election coverage...
  14. Put up fake Christmas tree. (That's a whole 'nother post)
  15. Deal with holiday traffic around malls.
  16.'s over until next year.

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