Sunday, November 13, 2016

Congratulations Donald Trump and America, it's a New Era!

It was Tuesday election night and I was in Syracuse, NY doing some training at the State Fairgrounds. It had been a long day and I smelled like the barns and arenas we had been working in. Needless to say it wasn't hard to get elbow room at the bar attached to the hotel and a few of us were watching the election commentary. Something I had predicted to my veteran next-door-neighbor was happening. Donald Trump was ahead 259 to 209 in the electoral college count. Ohio, Florida and other major battlegrounds were all going to Donald and he was over the top by 3:00 am, President Elect.

Podesta came out on stage at the Javitz Center, basically gave a concession speech and ran out the door. Not too later President Elect Donald Trump came out and gave a very magnanimous victory speech and acted very Presidential. Something I have not seen in 8 years. The next morning I saw people high-fiving each other at the Byrne Dairy shop and no one was weeping over the Hillary loss. NO ONE..... Hard to believe in upstate NY? Not at all.... everything above NY City is a red town.

No surprise to me as I saw the tide turn months ago. I told my neighbor DT was going to win and he asked me how that could happen. Simple, people are sick of the DC crap, daily Hillary diatribe about how bad DT was and her dodging indictments because the obvious fix was in. Average hard working people were sick and tired of all of it. Daily harassment about supporting DT was annoying so the polls were all wrong because the average Joe's didn't say anything to the pollsters. The DT supporters went underground and held their tongue until election day. The "news centers" were all so in the tank for Hillary that they didn't seen the crap they were standing in or for that matter, supporting. That brings to mind the story of the Emperor that had no clothes....Look it up...
Congratulations President Elect Donald Trump, looking forward to a new era.

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