Sunday, October 23, 2016

On the Lake: Canadaigua

 Heya upstaters, I've been on the road again.
I drove out to Lake Canandaigua in Ontario County on a training this week. I motored out Route 20 from Albany to the lake instead of the t-way... Route 20 is a much nicer, scenic, relaxed ride without the trucks passing each other at 1/2 mph and no urban NASCAR tactics going on around me.The weather was sunny and 82 degrees which in NY in October really isn't an oddity and the lake was calm and very low. I took a walk along the improved lake shore road Tuesday and Wednesday night and it couldn't have been any nicer. I strolled from the Canandaigua Lady to the City Pier and got some nice shots of the lake. Upper right is what they call Lyttle Lane which is the start of about 5 or 6 piers with boat houses that folks have turned into vacation homes over the year. Interesting way to live on the water, just don't sleep walk.....

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