Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October on Saratoga Lake

I didn't make the mistake of winterizing my boat after Columbus Day again this year. My aluminum fishing ride is not going into storage until I see ice forming. Last year I stored my fishing boat in October and we had great weather into December!!! It's kind of sad when you think that you only get to use your boat from Memorial to Labor Day and then it's six months until you uncover it again. It's tantamount to a bad custody deal in family court...
    October on Saratoga Lake holds some great fishing for those who haven't given up on fishing and headed for their tree stand yet. My son Will and I decided to hit the water with some minnows and crankbaits to see if the pike and bass had started hibernation. Will's first cast hit a pike on the head and the action was on. We worked our way around Manning's Cove and then went North up the Fish Creek passage and pretty much had the fish to ourselves. Bonus on this amazing weekend day was all of the feathered crowd we saw. Herons, ducks, various hawks and one Eagle who did circles over us until she dove on an unsuspecting perch and made off with it. I'm betting on at least one more weekend up there or maybe even the Mohawk River.....TK

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