Saturday, January 2, 2016

The March of the Resolutionaries

Yes, it reads "Resolutionaries" not "revolutionaries". The Bears Upstate Dictionary defines a "resolutionary" as: "resolutionary (res-o-loo-shun-airy) noun" A person or persons (Resolutionaries) who besiege the local gym to sweat, flounder, make fat-slapping sounds and other body noises in the furtherance of a "I'm getting healthy for the new year" resolution that was made at 12:45 am on New Years day while under the influence of untold beverages.

I am not a health-nut but I hit the "Y" about 3-5 times a week to the walk to nowhere treadmill and lift some weights. It's usually a quiet place, beautifully re-fit recently with all new machines and great trainers to help out if you need it. On a week day around 4-6 pm you seen the "usuals" doing there circuit. Once we hit January 1st we see the resurgence of the "Resolutionaries" in force. By the first week of February most of them seem to weed themselves out and it's back to the normal crowd. Oh we might make a regular out of a resolutionary but it's rare. But hey, keep trying...It's entertaining to watch them trying to figure out how to use the treadmills, weight machines and other paraphernalia in the gym. Better still watching them crawling to the AED and oxygen is a hoot.

Today's quote: " Any day upstate is better than an hour on the LIE".

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