Sunday, November 3, 2013

The leaves are still falling….

IMG_0002 Yea, I know I’ve been a bit lax in posting, it’s been a busy year. We’ve been watching our youngest become a superb Lacrosse player and that means a lot of practices, tournaments and travel and nothing is cheap or reasonable these days when it comes to organized sports.This Summer was great except for the tourist traffic no matter where you went.

The better half and I went to Myrtle Beach for week in August to hit sand and surf. Of course I damaged myself just before we left and I had to hobble around Broadway on the Beach and the local sites. We flew outta Plattsburgh Int’l Airport and 2 hours later we hit the runway in MB. We got to the Courtyard after being abducted by a cabbie at the airport. I had to threaten him with arrest as he drove by the hotel and told me that wasn’t the one I wanted. (The real scam was he would take a trusting soul to the wrong hotel and jack up the cost of the ride because he had to backtrack.)

  I really like the Fall with it’s warm days, cool nights and all the usual fanfare that goes with it. I just hate removing all the leaves. Seriously, my yard is the black hole of leaves. It has it’s own gravity and no leaf escapes it. A leave can fall in Buffalo and it WILL find its way to my yard. If it weren’t for a 2 bagging mowers and leaf pickup by the town I’d be up to my ears in oak, maple and pine debris. As of yesterday we’ve managed a mulched pile of over 40’ long and 3’ high for the second time and the trees haven’t dumped half their leaves yet…. Maybe by the 2nd week of December they’ll be down. Oh well….go clean out the gutters and put up the Christmas lights if you see a warm weather streak. Kodiak out….

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