Friday, April 19, 2013

Trust me, I’m from the gov’ment…..

OK….I’ve been a lot quiet for a long time but I’m about to suggest we sequester the whole damned gov’ment for a psychological eval. Can we get a little common sense from downtown?

I can’t even fathom what they are thinking in the New York Guvnors'’ office or the legislature… (Yea, I know I spelt it wrong). Did anyone in the big A’s office remember that he hunts? We got photos showing Andrew with a shotgun hunting fowl. You almost connected with the upstate crowd by increasing the size of the Adirondack park but then you blew it catering to the downstate cityots (read city idiots) again. BTW, on the shotgun; change the stock, paint it black and the governor’s a felon….

Governor Cuomo; if your staff hasn’t the guts to tell you when you’re stepping on a landmine; fire them. They have not done you any favors just telling you what you want to hear. As a matter of fact they cost you any bid for the Whitehouse you might have had…

If we start blaming the hardware we might find ourselves wearing paper gowns carrying see-through backpacks and eating food with our fingers… That is until they’re outlawed too…..

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