Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Don’t pay the ransom….I escaped again

A lot has happened around the cave in the last year. Family passing, house reconstruction, kids going to college and jobs changing. But we survived. The Kodiak clan made it through and got a lot stronger.

December and March 2012 marked the passing of the Mrs. parents. The months prior tested our mettle with the healthcare system and it wasn’t a good experience.

We had did a major rehab on the exterior of the house, roof,siding, gutters, windows and deck which all look awesome. We added some curb appeal with a solar outdoor lamp post and some ventilation with a solar roof fan. (Much easier on the wallet and much cooler on the second floor now…)

My better half is working more than she wants but it’s because she is amazing at what she does and they need here. My office is moving and we had a lot of retirements. A few people were replaced but none with the creds to help me out. I have a couple of good folks working to get up to speed in a very technical area but it’ll take some time. It also meant I had to go to Jacksonville, Florida during hurricane Isaac to attend a techie course and count some alligators….


I was on a modified travel plan this year with work and we had an attempt at a pleasure trip to Mystic Connecticut. In Mystic we got to the aquarium and met some beautiful birds and whales (unfortunately I got sick on the way in three states)


With the boys moving out of freshman and senior years of high school and into summer we found ourselves with a bit of empty nest syndrome. It was kind of odd but we made the best of it on weekends hitting Sacandaga Lake and some other places in the sun.

The mama bear just had a birthday and we went to Canali’s restaurant last Friday night….Go…Just go…trust me… My youngest who was never a big “out to dinner” kind of guy says we need to go there more often.


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