Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime in Upstate NY

Hard to believe we survived the winter and spring weather with all the precipitation and now we’re begging for some steady rain. I’ve been from Nassau to Niagara Falls June and July and the dang weather is death valley HOT…. I have to say I did have a nice ride up from Jamestown through Dunkirk and Fredonia this afternoon. I hit the United States T-Way (which should be the NYS Construction-way) for an hour and OMG it was just a steam bath out there.

I’m in Niagara Falls right now and it’s around 95 degrees. Tomorrow is going up to a supposed 98 degrees and when I stopped into a local gas station the girl behind the cash register said “ At least there is going to be a breeze on Thursday”.. I call that breeze a blast furnace…

We still have a couple of weeks of July left and all of August to hit the staycation trail and make good use of our NYS Parks folks. Go for the 7.00 dollar a day Park pass to Glimmerglass you can’t go wrong, really nice beach and facilities. I’d upload some pics but my camera melted on the way up here…


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