Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why my family still cooks at home for Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, had a great dinner, over-stuffed themselves into a food coma and said a prayer of thanks for being able to share this holiday with family. It is an awesome tradition that doesn’t require gifts or special decorations, you just need your family (however you define that group), a place to make dinner and say a prayer. It is exquisitely simple and fulfilling.

I enjoy the days prior although it can be maddening just getting it all together for a one-hour feast. The brining and seasoning of the turkey and preparation of the other fixings. Who is bringing what and did we remember to get two more chairs. Then the inevitable cleanup of the house (this includes painting the insides of closets and hallway doors for some reason according to my wife.) Next the re-arranging of the house and deciding how we’re going to fit 10 to 15 people at a table that holds 6.

The morning of Thanksgiving I got up early and finished all the odds and ends and did the last minute shopping for anything possibly needed. The turkey went in at 9:30 am and the smoker was stoked up for the ham. At 11:30 everyone started trickling in and enjoying the smells. My kids brought brought baked delights, my brother crafted beer (which was awesome), and Grandma brought the stuffing and desserts. Dinner occurred after 1:30 thanksgiving prayer and it was a fantastic mix of all of the best we can do. We all were there until 9:30 pm playing cards, shooting the bull and watching football.

If you had your gig catered you just sat down, ate and threw away the mess. Too bad you missed the best part. Putting it all together…


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