Sunday, September 12, 2010

What I did this Summer…

That topic is usually a nightmare for those returning to school. My Summer was wishing I was one of my boys. They got to Scout Camp, Lacrosse Camp, Lacrosse Summer League, hang out with their buds and play X-Box until the red ring of death put the beast back in it’s place. Me, well, I ran the whole Summer teaching and doing yard work. We had some major landscaping projects during the heat of July and just the everyday toil of owning a homestead. One great thing we did this year was to hit Willsboro, Champlain; Glimmerglass State Park, Cherry Plain State Park and just a few other day romps. 

10StateParks_18 10StateParks_25


If you had only a few days at a time to enjoy the Summer this was the best we could do and it was really great. Too bad that some of the parks are now closed but there are a lot of NYS Parks and Campsites that are still open until Columbus Day…Don’t give up yet!!!!


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