Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hudson River White Water

I’m still recovering. This last Saturday the Troop 50 Scouts did an all-day excursion with the Wild Waters Outdoor Center folks up in Warrensburg, NY. It’s about an hour and a half from Albany to the Glen headquarters and the day turned really nice after about 4.6 inches of rain the night before. Now add to that the 2 foot or so of water that was released to make the Indian and Hudson “raftable” and we got up to class 5 water churning about. Now about that scale… 1 is a bit of chop and 6 is impassable. Do the math and we had a heck of a ride for 6 hours.

There were a lot of rafting companies on the river that day and there was more than one “swimmer”. To become a “swimmer” is when one achieves a state of boatlessness and  that occurs involuntarily due to bad balance or a really sneaky sideways stop due to a rock. (Pick your feet up and face them downstream until you can get back in the raft and you’re good to go.) We had “Wild Bill” and Jed guiding for us and they did a wonderful job of keeping us headed downriver in one piece.

Fact is that this a great time, it’s safe and it’s reasonably priced for a day’s adventure. Price of admission includes a wild ride in the old blue school buses to where you put the rafts in, a river side lunch about noon time and at 3:30 pm your out of the river and on your way back to the Glen for a wonderful dinner. The Wild Water Outdoor Center is a green company and they offer lots of other trips and water sport instruction. Don’t forget to tip your guides, they’re great folks, very skilled and worth it!

Just for the record: I was a voluntary swimmer and that was a half-gainer with a twist off the side of the raft.


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