Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidays- Get a Grip

This holiday season is a cruncher this year. Less money, less time to get things done, more work, more taxes. Even Santa had to cut back this year, the elves are out working at the fast food joints and malls just to keep gruel and canned spam on the table.Tucker's first Christmas Tree

Good news is that even with less under the tree this year, we’ve got an awful lot to be thankful for. Every day is going to get better. Big thing is that we’ve all got to be a little less intense. From politics to whatever your cause is you’ve got to realize in the big scheme of things we’re just a flash in the pan of time. Whatever your cause or faith don’t be so impressed with yourself. Practice being the best and most tolerant you can be everyday and do no harm.

On a nicer note the picture is of our newest family member, Tucker. He’s a vociferous imp of a cat who loves string, mechanical mice and climbing the Christmas tree. I could complain about a lot of things but I’m thinking I should really be counting my blessings and wishing you all the happiest of whatever you celebrate this season.

Merry Christmas,


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