Monday, December 14, 2009

Suburban Yule Battlefield

My 15-year old son and I were doing some “stuffing stockers” (his malapropism) shopping around our town and enjoying a couple of Dunkin’ Donuts best. We hit the usual places; Colonie Center, Crossgates, Wal-Marts and others to find the perfect gag gifts for the stockings on Christmas morning. We found a few things and were heading home when he had an epiphany on Christmas and the new inflatable Christmas ornaments we’ve been seeing on some folks lawns. He said; “ It looks like a Christmas decoration battlefield”. I sputtered “What?”…He continued; “When they’re all deflated and laying on the ground it looks like casualties.”

100_0269He was right; it looked like the first salvo had apparently taken out Frosty, Santa, the Grinch and Rudolph with a direct hit. Snowball shrapnel and blank nylon faces were everywhere.

Over on the next lawn we saw what was left of the Seven Dwarves, Tigger and 100_0266Pooh looking deflated and abject. Oh the tragedy, Mickey and Minnie were big-ears down for the count and Goofy was just flailing in the breeze.

Some snowmen were still in mano-a–mano 100_0265combat and the casualties were piling up.100_0272

At the end when as they were playing “retreat” on the bugle it had a faint hint of a “Jingle Bells” beat going on. Guess it was just the egg-nog……


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