Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time changed again, didn’t it?

Here we are in November already…wow. I was out on the road for the last month so I have to apologize for not posting regularly. I had to go to the middle of Massachusetts to take a couple of technical classes in New Braintree near Sturbridge. Thanks to Mark at the MSP Academy for the great breakfasts every morning. It was like having a personal chef and to make it even better he’s an avid fellow bowhunter, it was good food and conversation to start each morning.

It is really nice up there and those Massachusetts folks in that area are very much like us upstaters and I’ll leave that at that…

Host and Hotel, Sturbridge, Mass.It seems like we just sprung ahead and now we’re fallin’ back an hour. I just got used to DST for cryin’ out loud. Seems like the leaves and flowers were just popping and now they’re dried and falling onto the ground. I suppose we lost a few months treading water back in May, June and July with all that rain we had.

I shouldn’t complain because we got the family out quite a bit this summer and did some really nice trips. It’s just that I’m going to have to start getting ready for snow again (there, I said it) but I’m just not ready to fire up the snow blower yet. Heck even the World Series isn’t over and they’re predicting snow this week.

Well, back out to rake another batch of leaves…Start thinking deer season and turkey recipes..


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