Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The year of the acorn…

I wish there was a market for acorns. Our oak trees are beautiful except for the ACORNS  they drop. Every couple of years we get a bumper crop of acorns from the 8 or so oak trees we have in the yard and apparently this is the year of the acorn.. These are good sized trees and they are dropping monster-sized acorns at a rate that could bury the house in a couple of days if we didn’t rake them up. When they fall on the cars it sounds like machine gun fire never mind the sound of them rolling around on my SUV’s roof like marbles when I take off. You think I’m kidding but you’ve got to wear a hat out there to avoid getting beaned by acorns when you’re in the yard working and walking on them is like walking on ball bearings. It can hurt!!!

I’ve tried to find a use of some kind for these woody knots but there isn’t even a good landscaping use or a recipe that you could use them for. I know that deer and turkey love them but did you ever taste one? YUCKKKK…

Today we took four hours to lawn sweep and rake up about 10 bushels full. We tossed them in the woods because they’re too heavy for the lawn bags. (Any squirrel that finds that load is going to think he died and went to nut heaven.)You should see the poor town guys trying to pick them up thinking they’re just bags of leaves.  One worker looked in the bags like he thought he was going to find a body or something.  At least they’re good slingshot fodder to knock squirrels off of the bird feeder.


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