Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Report from Willsboro, Lake Champlain and Roger’s Rock, Lake George

I’ve gotta say that I’ve had more fun the last two months of Summer than all of May, June or July. August got better after the Monsoons abated and we’ve gotten out to enjoy some old haunts, one of which I haven’t been to in 30 years. Now’s the time to hit these places while the crowds have thinned out and before leaf-peeping season gets into full swing.

Willsboro, NY, Lake Champlain area

Champlain: The crew and I went to Willsboro two weekends ago and got in a couple of days of eateries, swimming and a jaunt on the water. We had to trouble-shoot an electrical problem that turned out to be a bad battery or we weren’t launching. Know that Saturdays in vacation areas aren’t good times to need parts but thanks to the BoatWorks I got a battery at a fair price and was back on the water. We hit the Trestle and took a nice ride around the lake. It was like glass.

Lake George: The weather looked really nice according to forecast for last weekend and two of my boys and I braved the cold night at Lake George up at Rogers’ Rock between Indian Kettles and Ticonderoga. First we stopped at an old fishing favorite of mine called Jabe Ponds.

Jabe MiracleJabe Ponds 

There is little and big Jabe Ponds and they’ve got trout. Need I say more? The road in is not for the family limo but if you’ve got an SUV or 4x4 you’re good to go. I was so happy to be back I walked on water for my son. Needless to say he was impressed, (wink, wink)

We then went to Rogers’ Rock and got a nice site near the boat launch (remember the 240’s area sites for future reference, near the beach and launch). 

Rogers' Rock 256 Rogers' Rock

The ‘yaks got launched and we took a tour of Association Point,  Juniper Island and Rogers’ Rock slide where several climbers were on the face making the ascent.

The night up there is awesome because of the lack of light pollution. You can see all the night skies shooting stars, planets, the milky way and the constellations up close and personal.  Campfire and dinner was awesome at the site and all hit the hay for the cool last of Summer’s nights. We hated to go but the weekend was over and yard work loomed ahead. 

Bummer, I gotta go home...RR Boat Launch

Don’t give it up yet!!! There are still some great Indian Summer weekends upcoming and I’m not throwing in the towel yet or putting the water gear away. Note: I have good info that the Salmon are running and hitting big time in the Salmon River….

Recuperating again,


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