Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Congrats to Senator Scott Brown and the people of Massachusetts; true Upstaters!

First, congratulations to newly elected U.S. Senator Scott Brown and the people of Massachusetts! That was one hell of a tea-party you folks threw on Tuesday in the tradition of the Upstate-New Englander-Revolutionary way of life. If your elected officials and government aren’t listening, just add water and take the state back.

The bad news is that the losers don’t get it. It wasn’t about previous administrations, dynasties or party lines; it was about listening to your constituents. They elected you, pay you and you damn well better to listen to them or you’re out. Just ask the loser of that race and the ones that will find themselves out in November. We the People are tired of watching our paychecks shrink due to taxes, fees, handouts, entitlements and mandates that just defy common sense.

Two words that should never go together; Career politician or friendly fire….Every elected official should be paying very close attention to what is going on here and now. People want the home they worked for, the money they earned, and to make the country better for their children. Easy to understand, just listen to your constituents or find another job.


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