Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Update

It’s been a whirlwind of activity this last 4 weeks of August and I've been busy with keeping the cruise off of the rocks and avoiding a mutiny. We’ve been to  Zume Flume, Moreau Lake, Saratoga Park, Minekill Park and it’s been a flurry of activities from fishing and swimming to picnics and movies.

Upper Reservoir at Minekill ParkUpper Reservoir at Minekill Park

Really nice to know stuff: I found out that at the Minekill Park that all watercraft including rowboats, canoes and kayaks need a permit to be on the upper and lower NY city reservoirs in Blenheim. A free background application (2 pager) has to be filled out for each member of your party or family that will be operating any watercraft. According to the folks at Lansing Manor PASNY, if you mail in the fully completed apps (seems people forget a lot of stuff on the applications) expect your stickers and permits to arrive in a couple of weeks.  Lansing Manor has a great display of the flora and fauna of the area and how electricity is produced and works. Minekill is a really nice picnic spot for the 6.00 bucks per car they hit you.

Nearby you’ll also find the classic Schoharie Creek, East Branch of the Delaware River, Panther Creek and Catskill Creek all known for their native brook and brown trout. Last weekend I found out the trout were into small silver and gold spinners  and wouldn’t even look at a worm or fly. Water is lower now and is gin-clear. Longer leaders and being a bit more sneaky when you ease up to the stream will get you a few more chances at the trout.


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