Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wildwood Crest; Upstate at heart!

Even in other states they’ve got the upstate NY thing going, go figure. In the interest of diplomacy even good upstate folks check out other places (especially if under threat by spouse to do so). We went to Wildwood Crest for Wildwood 015 a 4-day weekend jaunt.  We drove Friday for 5 plus hours in a deluge to New Jersey’s shores and tasted the ocean air. It was worth the drive in Turnpike traffic. Now you know me, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool upstater but I really liked the retro beach stuff very kindred to my upstate parks and campsites.  The boardwalk, the beach, the waves were all awesome. We stayed at the Astronaut Hotel  and had a front door to the pool and beach. I had coffee on the Porpoise on right..beach with the porpoises Saturday and Sunday morning around 7:00 am.



We hit some nice eateries and even a nature sanctuary/conservancy in nearby Cape May. Awesome flora, fauna and other sites were to be seen here. I loved the plover protected beach…Too beautiful.

Wildwood 043 

Even if you love upstate NY, some of our neighbors in the great northeast have a bit of Upstater pride in them..Go visit!!!!


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