Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adirondack Iron Man Event Upstate Style

No, it’s not the triathlon you’re thinking of. This event is the stuff nightmares are made of. School is out and the kids need to be occupied in a manner that won’t foment mutiny. It means a 3-day event, including yard work, Waterslide World and camping at Roger’s Rock in Lake George all in one week. Now add to that packing, unpacking, drying everything from the last night’s deluge, doing laundry to get back to work on Monday and you’ve got an event that even the sharpest athlete might cringe at. It’s one of those mini-vacations that cause you to go to work to get a rest. I did it and I’m here to say I think I survived….

Little Cap'n in all of us...lolIt was actually a great weekend. We mixed a little bit of kayaking, camp cooking, good friends, family, fireplace chatter and rain for a real Adirondack weekend. Me and my bud found some awesome trout fishing at an old haunt of mine that time forgot. It’s rare when you toss your first worm and a trout tries to steal it. Then it happens again and again…

Rogers Rock Campground Rogers Rock Campground193

Update for this weekend: We went day trippin’ again at Thompsons’ Lake. 7 Bucks gets you in the park and to the beach. Kayaks and canoes welcome but  no boats over 15 hp. It’s got clean sand and an ice cream lady on the beach in the afternoon. Lots of nice folks working to make your day great, rowboats and paddle-boats are available for 5 bucks for a 1/2 hour.

TKodiak hating to go to work Monday…

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