Monday, June 29, 2009

Swimmin’ holes and ponds

An awful lot of really great memories revolve around the backyard ponds and swimm’n holes. It may be a small lake, a quiet stream or a 50 gallon koi pond, but the sounds and sights around water seem to have a calming affect. We upstaters like to build water’n holes where they’ve never been before.

Really nice ponds are a lot of work; from the the initial building down to the plants and the balanced stocking of the right freshwater fish to survive and breed. Add a few years and there’s nothing like taking the fly rod out to the pond and tossing a muddler minnow to some voracious finny freshwater denizens.

This weekend I went to my brother’s place near Poughkeepsie where he was hosting graduation party for one of the kids. He got the help of the folks at NYS DEC to get it right and they did a bang up job of building a great place to hang out by the water.He’s now raised some nice sized bass, bluegills and minnows. I got my 6 weight Medalist fly rod out, tied on a streamer and was onto 1 pound bluegills and really nice sized largemouths one after the other. I’d love to have shown some pics of the action but it was so fast, fun and furious and I plum forgot to take any…  Update….I did grab a few shots of the pond.

Splash (22) Splash (18)

Take the kids and your better half out to dunk a worm… And bring the camera..


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