Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, this sucks….Better rethink this one.

Money’s tight this year for everyone who’s lucky enough to have a job. Looks like those big buck vacations are down the tubes for just about everyone and to make matters worse, the only places we can afford to go to are being trimmed back this year. From the NYS Department of Conservation website comes the following:

PARK CLOSURE: In response to the continuing fiscal crisis of New York State, six DEC campgrounds with very low occupancy rates will not open for the 2009 camping season. These campgrounds are: Bear Spring Mountain, Beaverkill, Point Comfort, Poke-O-Moonshine, Sharp Bridge and Tioga Point. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Inconvenience? Low occupancy? Not this year, not with no one being to afford anything but camping….Hey, isn’t this a supposed tourism state and we’re closing the campsites? Let’s rethink this folks. We’ve subsidized, at astronomical costs, (1. 3 billion)the new Yankee ball park, property and parking garages that you and I can’t afford to go to and they aren’t paying taxes on… Stick it to the upstaters again and close the only place we can afford to go to…

Color me disgusted..


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