Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey! Somebody Must’ve Listened

My last post was a major blast at the NY bureaucracy for shutting down the beautiful NY campsites that they claimed were “low occupancy”…. Guess what?  DEC rethought this and opened up 4 out of the 6 campgrounds. Unfortunately, Bear Mountain Spring and Poke-O-Moonshine are still closed. Go here or read right here:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The DEC is happy to announce that after reconsideration, and with the assistance of Sullivan County, Beaverkill campground will re-open for the 2009 camping season. The campground will open on June 26th and will remain open until Labor Day.”

Gee, ya think there were a few irate individuals out there? Thanks NYS DEC, how’s about you put the last two sites back on the active roster?

Now’s the time for good folks and common sense,


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