Sunday, November 23, 2008


Nope, not the city, the team or the wings, I'm talking the critter, all 2000 pounds of it. You'd think this picture of these denizens of the prairie would be framed in Colorado or Yellow Stone National Park right? Nope, you'd would find

Scouts 011 

this herd at the Gem Farms Buffalo Trading Post Gift Shop located in Castleton, NY just 10 minutes off freebie 90. We stopped for some buffalo meat items like jerky, steaks, sausage, buffalo dogs and others because 1. It's delicious, 2. It's good for you, 3. It's TENDER.... I even got some of the pepperoni they make, wow good. Found out someone I used to work with is now working the store a couple days a week. Apparently not a bad retirement job. She gave us the farm tour and it was quite the operation. The kids got to see a litter of piglets just a couple of months old and check out the new ducklings while we checked out the farms stand and store.Scouts 013a

I grabbed some pics of the buffalo and my wife thought that it was eerily quiet in the pasture. I told her 1. They've got nothing to say and 2. If you were a buffalo living at a buffalo meat farm you'd be quiet too.

Prepare for Thanksgiving!


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