Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pardon me...what year is this?

I think I fell into a time warp, worm hole or something because  I just paid 1.86 a gallon for gas in upstate New York.

I Image013must've traveled back because I haven't seen gas this low since 1995, and just 3 months ago I was happy to pay 3.95 a gallon to get to the campgrounds. Anyone want to explain to me how a commodity can fluctuate this much???? Greed, plain and simple. Who found the cheapest gas is almost a game now. If this is part of the recession, I'm finding it hard to hope we pull out of it anytime fast.

Want the recipe from the New York Upstate Party of Common Homeowners' Uniform Charter of Keen Sense (NY UPCHUCKS) to bring the economy back to boom strength?

  1. Stockpile gasoline, drill for more and work on reasonable alternative fuels, not ethanol. Gas prices are the starting point, people are breathing a bit easier now that they can heat their homes and put gas in the car. Now they will spend some money for Christmas holiday season.
  2. Since we bailed these boneheaded mortgage "pros" Fannie and Freddie out (and we the people now own a piece of them) drop all mortgage rates to 3.0 to 3.5 percent for the existing GOOD CREDIT RISK folks and use smart lending rules to give 4.5 and 5.0 percent loans to new buyers. If they commit to paying on time after 5 years give them a point reduction in mortgage interest. You'll see smart buyers committing.
  3. DO NOT BAIL OUT THE BIG 3 AUTOMAKERS. Don't reward bad business practices with easy money. Let them eat baloney and live paycheck to paycheck. The price of cars will go down and more plants will go back up.
  4. Last but not least, kill the foolish tax code and get a national flat tax in place. The returns will be easier, the loopholes will be fewer and you can re-pigeon hole some federal folks from the IRS to a kinder, gentler ATF office....

I'm going to run for office sometime soon because obviously you don't need job experience to be the President. It might be a bonus to have someone up on the hill that has actually held a job, sweated out bills, didn't get sweetheart deals on mansions and hit the road every day to make it work for their family. Let someone who's balanced a checkbook and ran a household run the country. Common sense might scare the rest of the world but hell, I'd probably be a shoo-in if I just yelled "change".



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