Tuesday, September 16, 2008

24 Hour boot camp....

I'm a hurtin' unit and so are at least 4 of the other adults that were on the Great Sacandaga Lake's Scout Island fall trip. It was Saturday morning to Sunday morning and they packed it all in...The armada consisted of 8 canoes, 2 kayaks, one motorboat (read pack mule) , 16 scouts and 6 adults, well,  er, ah, um...advisors.... Hey in all honesty the scout leader and his assistant had it all under control and I can bet they can even herd cats...  The crew was awesome and even made a camp kitchen out of materials that had floated up onto the island. Very resourceful.Scouts 082

Of course it rained but it waited until the evening after we spent the day in the water working on water safety and boating skills. I'm sitting here now with achy muscles and abrasions, kinda like boot camp... This weekend my crew is hitting Fish Creek because it is the last official weekend of summer and we're going down tentin' , cookin' and paddling... Pictures next week.


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