Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I did this summer....

I watched it rain, again and again, all summer long. 25 days out of 40 it just poured. Not a nice drizzle or a soaking rain but a freakish deluge that flooded the City of Rensselaer, put Holland Ave in Albany under water with drivers treading water and shut down Am Trak lines to NY City. What do you do in the rain? Go to Zoom Flume because you're going to get wet anyway..ZF is located in the Catskills just about an hour outside of Albany off of exit 19 of the NYS T-Way. The whole place is clean, well-kept, inexpensive and they let you bring food and coolers in for the picnic areas and pavilions. Parking is free unlike a certain place that soaks you ten bucks to just park before you pay almost forty to get inside....

[Summer 033[4].jpg]

The great thing was that it only sprinkled for few minutes and the gang had a ball. Get there early for the 10 AM opening because by noon it's packed. Last weekend to be open is this one so take advantage!


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