Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Montauk Monster, what are you smoking???

I don't even know where to start...I see this skinned raccoon on a beach and the news yelling "Montauk Monster Mystery".... The real mystery is how they got a job in reporting in the first place with obviously no brain...Here's the story and picture from Fox News who obviously already knew what this was and was baiting the PETA set...

Newsflash...ask somebody who lived on a farm to look at the picture...We all trapped raccoons and muskrats for cash and skinned, tanned and sold their hides. This is what they look like after being skinned. And any trapper worth his or her (yes, her) salt disposed of the remains where J.Q.Public wouldn't get freaked out over seeing a carcass. [Image007[2].jpg]

This is a picture of a UFO in Alexandria Bay, New York up by the St. Lawrence River..(wink, wink) Or is it an Eagles' Nest (or for your x-word fans, an aerie) What's next, Klingons over you know what planet?

Geez, get a grip....


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