Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whaddaya say we "meat"?

Nice thing about being upstate in the Capital District is the old time charm that remains in some of the neighborhood grocery stores and meat markets. People shop daily in these hangouts for the meat connoisseur because they're not in the chain market buying what the chain got as the best deal, not necessarily the best cuts. I like going to Greulichs Market to buy my steaks, cold cuts and the daily "I forgots".... (You know "I forgot the OJ, the bread...) The deals change daily and you can't beat the cuts of the meats for quality. People you know are in there all the time and it's like an Internet cafe for the meat set. People catch up, chat and socialize while waiting for there number to be called. During the holidays you gotta get your order in early and get there early or it's a wait. Other places like Falvo's Meats in Slingerlands, Sals' on Guilderland Avenue, and Cardona's Market are other local favorites to shop at. If the meat isn't the best when you start grilling or frying, why bother? Another great thing about these local places is that during growing season they use local farmers' produce. It doesn't get any fresher.

"Meat" you out there,


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