Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Kayak Project Trailer


I was inspired during the COVID lock-down to take up another way of fishing for my favorite freshwater species on ponds and lakes that frowned upon gas fired monsters speeding up and down the waterways. I decided that in addition to my 16' 50 hp aluminum bass boat and my canoe, I really needed a sit on kayak. I watched this avid yakker  T.J, on YouTube and the hunt was on for my fishin' yak.... 

I sold my canoe for a great price but I didn't want to spend 2-3k on my first fishin' yak. I hunted down a Lifetime Yukon kayak at just under 500 dollars. It was about 75 lbs. so I decided to find a trailer to haul it with as my right shoulder isn't up to heaving that much up on top the car, nevermind the yak is 12' long... I found a trailer in Glens Falls for 300.00 that needed a little TLC and dragged it home. Over the next few weeks I did a rehab on the trailer, got it registered and inspected and went to work on making it just what I needed to pull off a functional fishing and camping rig. I've a lot more to do but I had to store the trailer for the winter.

Counting the days down until the ice melts and it gets a whole lot warmer!!!!

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