Wednesday, August 11, 2021

A chance to fix New York

What I'm finally feeling.... A peace and some hope for NYS...

See ya Andy, you Lech. Finally, the left ate it's own, although begrudgingly, and forced AC to submit his resignation. That's a start. Let's take this time to rebuild NYS. We've gone from 34 House seats to 26 in the last two decades.... Wage earners who actually work and pay their way have left NY due to the leftist agenda that has driven NY into a death spiral...

The path back to a prosperous NY:

1. Repeal bail reform. In no imagined hell should a violent offender be tossed back into the streets to offend again and again before trial. This reform has turned the streets of NY state cities into mayhem.

2. Stop chasing guns and start addressing the real problem, a culture that doesn't respect the rule of law or anyone for that matter. Bring back the death penalty and use it. IT IS A DETERRENT, and the 86% recidivists won't do murder a second time.

3. Ditch the SAFE Act and start a state run Civilian Marksmanship program to teach firearms safety and give our citizens the right to defend themselves.

4. Give NY City to Jersey.... It's a dump anyway.

5. Let small business run their business and cut the red tape that strangles them.

6. Give cops a raise and more training. Not defund them... How stupid...Do you want a Doctor with no training working for you and prescribing medicine or doing surgery? How can you even imagine that defunding the police was a good idea. People like Cori Bush should be in prison for the lies they told and the lives they've cost...

Kathy Hochul; I wish you Godspeed and good luck. You have a chance to right this ship before it goes all the way under.....


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