Monday, July 15, 2019

Can we take a breath?

I've never seen the like in 62 years. Politics have eroded to subhuman levels. Demoncrats have lost their minds and their civility. They have allowed a "Squad" or should I say a "Squalid" of four to start an uncivil war. I cannot believe 4 people can be so inept and unschooled or moronic to hold office. I'm sure it will be a short tenure. Thus goes my suggestion that we have a test for office before we run for it....

I have watched the left sink to lows that I didn't think were fathomable. Thank you, we'll have another great four years under our President Trump for which I am extremely thankful. He is a pragmatist, a patriot and is putting our country back to where it should be.

Nancy Pelosi, retire. You gave it your all and now you look like a pathetic geriatric suffering from old-timers disease. You're one step from a Silver-alert on MECC... Don't make us audit your fortune or all the undocumented illegal aliens you employ at your vineyards and restaurants.

Adam Shift... go crawl in a hole, you are below useless and obnoxious. In my world you would have been charged with malicious prosecution and harassment.

OK...we have a two-party system...I don't count Socialists or Communists, (same thing). That doesn't work, history provides the examples. It's OK to have a differing opinion but agree to disagree. Identity politics are venomous and dangerous. You are feeding kooks who'll use guns, trucks, knives, boats, binkies or whatever to make their pointless point. Leave the constitution and 1st, 2nd and other amendments alone. The forefathers had a much more poignant and logical reason for what they did and it is timeless. They already dealt with kooks like the left and made sure they wouldn't enslave another nation. Yes I said enslave. That's what demoncrats have done, enslave by way of freebies, welfare and entitlements for anyone that will put them in office.

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