Sunday, December 18, 2016

Civics Lesson for Liberals

     Apparently there are some Hillarites that can't accept the will of the people and asked for recounts that only gave the PEOTUS more votes as well as finding some machines in a certain place were over counting by 37% for Hillary. I bet if we look closer at the California "popular" vote where Hillary got 8 million votes and Trump got 4 million, Hillary's count would drop by 4 million if "sanctuary cities" were disallowed due to voting violations.
    That having failed they are asking the electoral college to overturn the election. This not the right or duty of the electorate. The electoral college doesn't pick the president, we did that back on November 8th. Their job is to certify the vote, prepare the certification and have it delivered to the National Archives.  For more reading peruse Article II and the 12th amendment. Any "faithless elector" should be prosecuted, fined and jailed. If a state even gets a whiff of mutiny they should replace the "faithless elector" immediately.
    In the end when the left asks the electorate to overturn the will of the country they are, in fact,  asking for a coup that will lead to a civil war that will be anything but civil, plain and simple. I ask those people to accept the fact that the American people have had it with the left and the Washington D.C. tripe and have elected a new direction. (Hillary made a big deal out of this when Trump said he would wait until the election had been held to accept the results.) Those people offended by the election should read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution more carefully before fomenting insurrection.

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