Sunday, May 15, 2011

It’s May in Upstate NY; Snow flies and black flies

You have to be from upstate to understand that we can get a frost or a snow flurry or two right up to Memorial day. Not that deters the black flies or no-see-ums as they are often called.

A Jonathon Hatch at has a pretty good primer about these nasty blood suckers. Should you go up north unprotected  they’ll get enough of your blood to send you a mother or father’s day card. I’ve seen a few good camping trips ruined by these critters. Head nets, long sleeves and 100% deet is about the only thing that deters them until about 6 PM when they leave like they belong to a union.

It’s really important with the spread of West Nile virus and Lime’s disease that you try to repel mosquitoes and black flies now that summer is creeping up on us.

Maybe we oughta send these critters to a few places that are talking smack about the USA. Could be interesting….


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