Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big Brown Trout Fix

I just didn’t get enough trout last weekend. I really love my Adirondacks but I just didn’t get my BIG trout fix. I really needed to hook a BIG Brown on 4 lb. test line to get that rush. I decided to go downstate to the Catskills to fish the Beaverkill, the Willowemoc, the East and West Branch's of the Delaware, and check out the Schoharie Creek.

Beaverkill Fishing Access

The weather cleared nicely and it got warmer by the time I hit the West Branch of the Delaware. I picked up a small Brown in the first few minutes and then almost got into an altercation with a raccoon trying to get at the fish I was admiring. The fish went back and I moved on.

Next I traveled down to hit the Beaverkill with my fly rod and got out of there quick. DEC must’ve stocked the area because there were way too many people flailing the water for my liking. The water was beautiful there and later in the Summer I’ll be back for another round.

I finally decided my best bet for a  BIG Brown was at the East Branch of the Delaware above Margaretville. Over the years I’ve gotten some really nice Brookies and Browns from there. At 1:00 PM I scored below Roxbury in one of my favorite holes. BrownieThe Brown hit the bait and I had to give chase along the banks. I had her in the jaw barely and with light line there’s no horsing a rambunctious trout. I finally gilled her after about 20 minutes and she measured just over 22” long and scaled just over the 3 lb mark. Normally I toss my fish back but this one is going to be dinner one night this week.

After I cleaned and iced my fish down I worked my way back north on Rte 30. The day was one for the win column especially with a really nice Brown in the cooler and all of my tires intact.


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