Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cabin Fever and Ground Hog recipes..

Enough winter already, get the sun lamp out...I've got it bad and it doesn't help that it snowed 27 days out of 31 in January around here. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow in PA, and his pudgy little brother in Long Island bit the Mayor of New York. You gotta love that, what part of "It's a wild animal don't pet it" is difficult? Even better, these guys with the rodent have a club!! (Gotta be alcohol involved...)

I was out with the kids this weekend taking a walk through the mall for exercise (avoiding hypothermia and frostbite). I thought I had cabin fever, you should have seen this freak show...Only in upstate NY can you see people come into the mall in shorts and T-shirts; and that was the adults..I must've missed the "Retro spiked and color hair show" that was obviously in full swing.. I didn't take pictures other than


this one exiting the mall...  A "Smart Car" in a disabled parking space...how ironic... Hey, they were legit, they had a hang-tag..

Cabin fever has caused it's damage and it's official, snow is a 4-letter word just like rain, work and push... Push as in "I'm stuck, can you help me?". Nope, you got in there, wait for a thaw...


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