Friday, May 2, 2008

Yard Work and Sorting Campin' Gear

I've been a bit busy lately with the spring rake up, getting dead trees cut down and cleaning out the shed and garage. Last weeks' warm weather got me out putting new grass down and moving blocks to make a new outdoor firepit. Note to self; take pain-killers before moving 3 tons of block.... Anyway, I got looking around the garage and shed and figured it's time to sort out "stuff".. I found enough campin' stuff to start a tent city. I mean what doesn't look useful when you look at the picture on the box. Then when you have it you're not really sure where it fits in the camp scene. Perfect example is this camp kitchen rack.

I picked it up figuring it would be great to organize the mess hall and when I put it together my wife thought it looked like some kind of evil medical device...Um, she was kind of right but I couldn't agree, I had to make it functional, even useful. It holds a garbage bag, pots, pans, paper towels, has built in GPS and an RFID chip (just kiddin')... I mean who could camp without it?
Even worse, when you start out you think all we need are tents, sleeping bags and food in a cooler right? Nope, by the time the crew gets their "essentials" together we need a moving truck. With everything strapped on the vehicle it looks like the Beverly Hillbillies are moving in. You know it's bad when you check into the camp grounds and the attendant asks if you need two sites.....
I'll be out in the garage..

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