Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yea, I know, I'm loading up on the posts. I've got a lot of travel the next few weeks so I'm catching up now while I've got some time and things I wanted to put out there. Like golf...Heck yea I play...not great but I get my money's worth...

Most downstaters think they have the corner on golf but until you've teed up on some of the upstate courses you haven't played some of the most scenic turf in the northeast. There's my favorites of Orchard Creek in Altamont and Western Turnpike in Guilderland. Then great places like the Colonie Country Club, Briar Creek, HIllcrest, Saratoga, and the Albany Country Club in the surrounding Capital District. Even further upstate in the Lake George area we've got Top of the World, Queensbury and others. Up in Lake Placid and Lake Champlain there are dozens of beautiful courses from par 3 to USGA class hidden in the mountainous region. These course nestled in the Catskills and Adirondacks work the rolling hills, mountains, streams, meadows and even apple orchards. These gems are some of our most cherished hidden venues because of how they're laid out and the great care taken by the groundskeepers. You can almost always get a walk-on with a minimum wait but it is always better to call for a tee-time on some of the busier courses.

You'll notice no pictures here, for no cameras or cell phones are allowed on the course when we play, something about evidence....Hang on, there she is. Hey beer girl! Over here, we're a little dehydrated, it's tough driving this cart on such a sunny hot day. Ya know, I like golf....


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