Monday, February 11, 2008

The "Icebox of America"

The name now officially belongs to International Falls, Minnesota. (full story here) When you hit -40 degrees I guess you've earned it. It gets cold here but who the #$%#$ wants to brag they live in a deep freeze? In  upstate New York we shudder to look at Old Forge and Saranac lake for the low end of the thermometer. Some of the other places that make you glad you live in upstate are Fort Collins, Colorado at -37, Yellowstone National Park, Montana -39, and West Yellowstone, Montana at -45.... For a little warmer weather locally, look to Lake George for winter events such as the  Hague Winter Carnival going on this weekend the 16th and 17th of February. Check out Long Lake, Raquette Lake and Indian Lake for their winter festivities too. There's always ice-skating, snowmobile and car ice races, snowshoe and crosscountry ski competitions going on somewhere where the mercury dips in upstate New York.

Oh, the beach picture? Just so you remember what summer looks like....There's hope ahead.



Anonymous said...

I am a converted upstater who recently purchased a vacation house in Long Lake. Great site. Thanks for the effort.

TKodiak said...

You're welcome! I travel a lot so it takes me a bit to check the comments. Welcome to upstate!!!