Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Global Warming? Where???? I'm in Upstate New York and I could use the heat....

Guess AlGore (Rush spelling) hasn't been here or he'd rethink his Nobel prize... 11 inches yesterday and 5 more today so far. You know you're in upstate New York when at 5 AM there's 11 inches on the ground and at 8:30 AM everybody's out driving around like nothing happened doing 75 on the Northway. Now there's an interesting place, want to have some fun with someone from downstate? Tell them to take 87 North and get off on exit 3...(ain't one)..It's an engineering thing I guess. Kids are enjoying the snow, their games and dreading the return to school tomorrow.
Ski places have done a bangup business this week and if you're not a skier but like the snow try out tubing. Here's a picture of Maple Ski Ridges' tube downhill runs a few years ago, now it's the Terrain Run. About 1/2 mile long you get moving quick, at the end of the run get outta the way or get mowed down.. Maple Ski Ridge, 2725 Mariaville Rd, Schenectady, NY 12306 - mapleskiridge@msn.com - 518-381-4700 - Shameless plug for my friends who have had the Hill in the family for years.

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