Saturday, December 18, 2021

The art of governing

The art of governing is very much like the art of supervision. A good supervisor knows what the job is, how it should be done, who can do it best and when to just let the people get it done. A great supervisor lets the best people get it done, and isn't afraid to listen if there is a better way to do it. The great supervisor welcomes input and no one working for them is afraid to say "that doesn't seem right". The great supervisor doesn't hover, micro-manage and they are a cheerleader for their people. Nothing comes out of their mouth that hasn't been thoroughly thought out first. There is a plan that has been thought out and all ramifications are considered. It seems to me that there is not enough thought going into what comes out of the mouths of the elected officials and gov't employees. It's really a simple process and maybe some governors should take a course in supervision.

1. Have a plan. Experience says it won't survive the first hour, have a back up and be fluid.

2. Know the rules, the laws and the true scope of your authority. You have to answer for your errors.

3. Don't be afraid to let people around you give their honest evaluation of your idea and fire any yes men or women that you have. You might not be the smartest person in the room. Remember you got into office via personality contest, not brains.

4. If you screw up, own it. Don't blame you subordinates.

5. Just do the opposite what our NY governor is doing right now. I'm convince she doesn't really want this job because she is sure as hell doing everything she can to throw the election to a conservative this next year. 

Keep it up, Woke-ul... Which, by the way, is what your own state employees call you....In your first week as Governor there was a massive moan let out by disappointed masses who were praying you weren't another Woke-ling...

Want to know what a true conservative Governor would do?

1. Bring back the nurses, the police, the firemen, the first responders that you "mandated" to get the vaccine or get fired, with no ability to get unemployment. They were on the front lines during the worst part of the pandemic and no one should be treated like that. Hochul eviscerated the medical facilities throughout the state of New York and you don't shoot the dog that just saved your life.

2. Repeal the bail reform law. That was so predictably stupid that the whole legislature should be fired. Bail is to insure that you return to court and don't run out and do it again. Judges should be making that decision, not your apologizing for being white, I must please the left morons.

3. Repeal the issuing of  drivers licenses for illegal aliens. It was illegal and the law is a mockery or being a citizen of the US and NY.

4. Shut down unemployment for anyone who refuses to work when there are millions of jobs available.

5. Enforce the rule of law. 

Anyone who thinks they are above the law usually finds themselves under indictment in the end, right Andy?

Happy week before Christmas!


 Public Service Announcement:

 If your cat goes AWOL...Check the Christmas Tree first.

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