Thursday, June 4, 2009

End of school year and “Staycation” is on

Now what are we going to do with the kids? Since last September we could count on the big yellow miracle to take them away for the day while we caught our breath for the next onslaught of “feed and entertain me”. A better question might be “What can we afford to do with them?” “Staycations” are in because of the tight money situation. Day trips like I mentioned in July of ‘08 are going to be real popular this year.

Another nice thing about being upstate is that we have some great municipal parks that have really decent programs for all ages. Arts, crafts, sports and swimming lessons start right after the 4th of July and run well into August in most places. For a fee you can send the kids to golf, baseball, hockey or any other camps you can think of. Good news is that they’ll be so tuckered out when they get home you’ll have peace and quiet for an hour at least.

New York State’s Office of Parks and Recreation also has all types of summer stuff going on and you’ve got to check out this Comfort Camping in the Niagara region. Fully furnished tents, site setups and rentals all in one spot probably will go over well with those folks who think a motel is roughing it.

I'm thinking I might have to try that Comfort Camping...hmmm..

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